Friday, September 9, 2011

CHEBUCTO tangle instructions

Halifax from the air (Wikipedia)
The Atlantic Ocean is at the top.
In 1749 King George II of England sent ships and settlers across the Atlantic to Chebucto Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada. The name comes from the Mi'kmaq (first nation) Chebooktook or Jipugtug meaning 'big harbour''. 
Today it's known as Halifax Harbour.

Chebucto Coffee Halifax, NS, Canada
While visiting our daughter in Halifax
last May we visited a lovely coffee shop on Chebucto Road a few blocks from her home. Of course, it was called Chebucto Coffee.

In that coffee shop there was a pattern on the wall, a pattern that I really liked and quickly sketched, but I couldn't get things to line up properly. I worked on it a bit, then moved on to other things. Recently I took another shot at it and a lightbulb went on!

Here's how to draw Chebucto, in its simplest form.

Here are some tiles with Chebucto. It's nice with a final line (or two) from point to point on either side of the pattern. Doesn't it go nicely beside Diamond Panes?! The second tile shows several of the variations possible.

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  1. Oh wow! I think this is going to be one of my favourite tangles! I love how you've worked out how to produce such a neat, entwined effect with such simple steps.

    It's sort of like Celtic but I think I'll find Chebucto much easier because I'm not too good yet at drawing evenly-spaced curves. :)

  2. love this one! so many possibilities! classic yet unexpected! Maria

  3. Very cool. What a great deconstruction. Can't wait to play with this one. Starting with the dots will definitely help me. My diamonds are often very cattywampus!

  4. This was tricky to get at first but after I looked at your instructions again it came together quickly. Thanks!

  5. great Tangle Margaret! I love the way it is so versatile, bet you used your double pencil string on the second one.

  6. OOhh Ahh! Yes a goodie!

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