Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three of my roots

Recently I rediscovered three of my very early Zentangle tiles. One of them was done at the CZT training seminar I attended in May 2010. Proof positive that practice brings improvement!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Spiral strings

A spiral string. Now that IS a challenge! There is basically only one section so how do you know when to change tangles? How to make it interesting? How do you keep the spiral showing?

I started my first tile with zigzag tangles in mind. I like to do a few of them, changing from one to another, and that works well in a spiral.
Tangles: Diva Dance, Golven, Knase, Paisley Boa,
Pearlz, Prestwood, Zedbra
At a recent class one of the students discovered Assunta. I hadn't done that tangle in a while so I thought I'd try it in a spiral. Once I realized that I should leave the spiralling droplet shapes white, it seemed to come together.
Tangles: Assunta, Black Pearlz

Monday, March 23, 2015

We Love 2 Tangle!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending, and the honor of teaching at, We Love 2 Tangle in Calgary AB (Canada).

Organized by Sandra Chatelain CZT, the day-long workshop attracted 50 avid tanglers from Calgary, Canmore, Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Red Deer, Revelstoke, and Saskatoon. There were seven CZTs present and four of us taught something. Here's yours truly with Laura Harms and Cindy Hagen.

Laura shared her Zentangle story, parts of which I knew and parts of which I didn't. She also taught us the tangle Phicops, developed by her husband Brad.  I've done Phicops before but really 'got it' this time watching it take shape before my eyes. I'm really pleased with the tile I did.
That cool little curly thing in the corner was developed from a pattern I noticed on the wall sconces in the room. :)

Nina Klaiman showed some variations of Crescent Moon, and Cindy Hagen did the same with Betweed. Here are my tiles, Crescent Moon incomplete.

I taught two sessions. The first was variations of Paradox and Hollibaugh, including the now named tangles Morse and Windfarm. I offered my two demo tiles for the door prize table but forgot to take photos first!
That's me at the document camera preparing to teach,
and Sandra Chatelain at the mike.
The second session was half an hour about using board game piece leftovers to make strings, so it was pretty much "here's how to do it, here are 60+ boards, go to town and have fun!" See more about this idea here. I started two tiles by demo'ing pencilling some shapes, and finished them with tangles later. Here they are complete.
Tangles: Bunzo, Camelia, Finery, Jalousie,
Knightsbridge, Tipple (Caviar)
Tangles: Aquafleur, Beadlines, Black Pearlz,
Demi variation, Fleurette, Knightsbridge, Sanibelle
The event was a rip-roaring success in my opinion, and I think Sandra is looking to do it again next year!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm green with tangles

The Diva's challenge this week, for the annual Irish-fest honoring St. Padraigh, is simply to use green somehow. I started six tiles with washes and spritzes of yellow and blue. There were some very interesting textures and shapes, but I hardly knew where to go from there.

I almost dumped my first tile but I rather like it finished! I had been trying Lynn Mead's (CZT) method for doing Dewdrop and that carried over into this tile. I also used Shrock as a nod to the old saint.
Tangles: Dewdrop, Shrock, Tipple
I took another spritzed tile and did quite a new tangle, Narwal from Sam Taylor. Sam works at Sakura and there's a video of how to draw Narwal here.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Hurakán, Narwal, Prestwood, Tipple, Tortuca
This reminds me of mountains, but at first, I liked it 'upside-down' because it looked a bit like cyclones. Then I looked at it from other directions and truly don't know which way I prefer it. Here it is in all four directions. What's your choice?
Points up, down, left, or right?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cubine and Pokeroot challenge

It's a duotangle challenge this week from the Diva. One tangle (Cubine) I like and use frequently; the other (Pokeroot) I dislike drawing and hardly ever use. So Pokeroot is my challenge this week!

Here's my effort. It reminds me of a mushroom factory with packing crates. I thought I'd have time to do another or two, but no.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Using tangles as strings

If you're stuck for a string, try a tangle writ large (and perhaps simplified).

Here's Crescent Moon, done large in pencil, then tangled.
Tangles: Arukas, Beadlines, Betweed, Tipple (in various forms)
Then I tried using a section of Wayne Harlow's tangle Crusade.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Finery, Florz, Knightsbridge,
Munchin, Paizel, Printemps, Shattuck
Cherryl Moote, a CZT in Ontario Canada, used the tangle Xyp for the lines of her string, then filled it with other tangles.

I like to do blind strings: drawing the pencil string with my eyes closed. It gives me some interesting and unexpected shapes to fill with tangles. Here I drew some basic Shattuck shapes with my eyes closed, then continued with the Shattuck idea for the tangling.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Pearlz, Shattuck, and stripes
I did another blind string using Romanancy, and again used that tangle when it came to filling in. I like how it resembles entrances or exits to caves or buildings.
Tangles: Beadlines, Diva Dance, Printemps, Romanancy
And finally, here's Amy Broady's Paisley Boa tangle, done large in pencil, then tangled.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Droplets, Footlights, Knightsbridge,
Tipple, and partial Arukas

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've been making more bookmarks. It's a great way to use the strips left over when I cut a square from a pad of art paper. It's also a good way to get a little more life out of pens that aren't doing so well on the softer paper of tiles. They're all one-of-a-kind and I laminate them for safe-keeping.

I expect to have enough to be able to contribute one to each gift bag at We Love 2 Tangle on March 21 in Calgary AB (Canada), so if you're planning to come I'll have a little gift for you! And we can say "Hi" in person. :D