Saturday, May 21, 2016

More found story pages

In this found story, or blackout poetry, or... (what?) I added more color than previously, including a bit of gold.
Tangles: Afterglo, Drupe/Fracas mash-up, Pearlz, Puffle
Thus far I seem to have been finding "stream of thought" series of words. I wanted to try to compose more sentence-like things. I'm having some success!
 My most recent effort incorporates a landscape, and the onion domes I adore. And sentences!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

SKYE - a new tangle!

Wow. I am really thrilled with this one! Yes, there are step-outs!

(Oh, alright! Skip to the step-outs! But come back up to see/read all the rest, okay?)

I noticed this interlacing on the box of the game Isle of Skye. It's a classic Celtic interlacing pattern, which, if you follow a strand, you'll notice is composed of two strands, not one. (I enjoyed the game, by the way.)
This is the pattern stripe from the game's box.

Deconstructing this pattern encountered a lot of false starts.

Once I had figured out how to draw it, I drew it a few times on a tile. I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing before I pretended to explain it to others.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Pearlz, Skye, Tipple
Blue Skye! Honestly, I wasn't thinking that when I did this. I just had a tile with a blue wash sitting waiting.
Tangles: Bunzo, Crescent Moon, Pearlz, Phuds, Skye
The step-outs!
Don't forget to shade it, although it looks quite alright without. Have fun!
Tangles: Cruze, Elven, single Pearlz, Skye, Zonked
Tangles: Skye, Tipple, and wavy lines
UPDATE: 2016 May 19

Well, my goodness! People are having lots of fun with this tangle, to the extent that some are posting alternate step-outs and video demos. My goodness! Here are three videos offering basics and further explorations such as ending a row of Skye, and doing Skye in a circle.

The first is from Bunte Gallerie on YouTube:

The next is one is from Kathrin Bendel, also on YouTube. Kathrin is a CZT in Germany and made this (her first!) video as an additional instruction to some who were having difficulty drawing Skye.

And one from Ellen Wolters, who has done video demos of a great many tangle patterns.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

I found a shell photocopy

I've undertaken a huge clearance project of All My Stuff. It's rather refreshing, although difficult at times, but I'm on a roll. So far I've gone through my clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewellry. I've also gone through my papers, which were in files and binders in a few different places. I emptied two 3" binders and I kept less than 10% of what was in them. I dumped some files and merged others. 
One of two large bags of papers to be recycled, and my papers/files now.
Now I'm on to my books. Unfortunately, in assembling all my books I discovered more papers. Oh no! But amongst the papers I discovered this photocopy of a cross-section of a triton shell. (The frilly edge of the shell is missing.) It looked like an interesting 'string' for zentangle drawing. 

It was an easy job to trace the outlines of the shell through a white tile.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Diva Dance (with 'bubbles'), Opus, Pearlz, Printemps, Tipple
I've been enjoying using blues on the Renaissance (tan) tiles and decided to do that and pursue the look of a shell cross-section.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Dragonaire, Pearlz, Printemps, Tipple, Tortuca
The photocopy kept catching my eye as it lay on my desk, and it always looked like a leaf, so I decided to try that idea. I had also recently seen a new tangle called Aloha (from CZT Suzanne Fluhr) a rather thick-lined leaf and wanted to try it. It became many leaves rather than one.
Tangles: Aloha, Hurly Burly, Leaflet, Tipple

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Found stories, or Pages, or...

I'm not sure what to call these. It's not an original idea, but it's the first time I've tried it.

The idea is to tear a page from a book you don't want anymore and find words and phrases on that page that string together somehow. They needn't relate to the story of the original text. In fact, I found it best if I avoided reading the text and, instead, just skimmed it for words that popped out at me.

Here's my first effort. Sometimes I use Blooming Butter to divide the space and then I really don't need a string; the tendrils provide that.
Tangles: blooming Butter, Florez, N'zeppel (with Auras),
Phuds, Tipple, and wavy lines
I have previously avoided this art project mainly because of the non-archival nature of the paper used in books. But old books tended to use better paper, and I hope - if I decide to mount these for hanging - that a UV-filter protective coating will help a lot.
Here's my second one. I like how the tangle Adente flows through the phrases, linking them even more.
Tangles: Adente, Crescent Moon, Paisley Boa, Pearlz, Tipple
I think the words 'roses', 'currants', and 'pinks' affected me on my third page and I added color to the one large flower. The tangle Keystone can have a 'picket fence' look, and a window seemed to fit in the upper corner.
Tangles: Arnia, Black Pearlz, Blooming Butter, Ennies,
Flux, Keystone, Knightsbridge, Opus, Tipple

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring string fling

It's spring here in my hemisphere, and the Diva's challenge this week is to use a spring shape as the string on a zentangle tile. It turns out to be quite a fun string, sometimes barely recognizable.

In the first piece I did I actually outlined the spring so it would remain visible. I added flowers in some corners (a variation of the tangle Deelish) for more of a spring feel.
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Coaster, Deelish (partial), Prestwood, Tipple
Next I wanted to disguise the curvy string, so I used a very angular tangle. I chose Ing, so (inadvertently) this is a spring string fling with Ing. :)
Tangles: Ing, Tipple, and a big spiral
I decided I should try one in color. I used Koi coloring brush pens, which are really fun and give lovely colors, but they're not lightfast so this one will be kept in a box. Because the Kois are not lightfast I also used some other non-archival pens, Recollections from Michaels. This has two spring strings, going in opposite directions. I only used two tangles; of course they're Printemps and Snaylz!

Next, a Renaissance tile. At one point I thought this was going to become Paisley shapes, but I turned the paper and suddenly it looked like something else. As I was putting copper/gold foil on another piece of art I thought why not add some here, too. It was a bit much and I toned it down with acrylic paint. Here, just beginning to sprout in spring... "Magic Beans" !
Tangles: Bunzo, Printemps (with sparkle), Tipple
Elements of Crescent Moon and Hibred

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fassett, and more

I have liked CZT Lynn Mead's tangle Fassett since I first encountered it. It is simple to do, is based on triangle shapes, and once shaded has a lovely 3D aspect. See the step-outs here on

On Monday I had done a string of nested triangles, some overlapping. Fassett seemed a good choice of tangle, and it was interesting working with the overlaps. This is the tile that resulted.
Tangles: Fassett, Beadlines, Munchin.
THEN I read the Diva's challenge and discovered that the challenge this week is Fassett! I'm feeling rather prescient. I did another tile intending to be a simpler Fassett, but it had its own ideas.
Tangles: Fassett, Knase, Beadlines, and elements of
Crescent Moon, Gneiss, and Cubine.
Then, in my effort to use tan tiles more often, I did this one. I used Sue Clark's tri-shape string idea. When I shaded it I tried to make the three shapes remain evident.
Tangles: Fassett, and elements of Zonked
Lynn also has two related tangles, Fassettoo and Phroz. Fassettoo, instead of drawing the inner triangles, has dove-tailed corners like Hibred. I wanted to try both these variations of Fassett. First, Fassettoo:
Tangles: Fassettoo, Fassett, Pearlz, Knase,
and elements of Zonked
I wanted to try Phroz on a blue stained tile (for the frosty, icy, crystally thing, you know). I suggest you check out Lynn's step-outs for Phroz here, because what I ended up with is a poor representation of the tangle! It's supposed to have 6-pointed stars (like snowflakes, you know) but I accidentally added an extra line going across and ended up with 8-pointed stars. I also added extra points in most of the inner triangle spaces - which I rather like but it's not part of Phroz. I intend to try it again, taking more care to have proper, 6-pointed snowflakes.
Tangles: Phroz-not, Beadlines, and a few Pearlz
Thanks, Lynn, for three enchanting tangles!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Stacked Bijou challenge

This week the Diva's guest challenger, CZT Jane Reiter, proposes something quite out of the ordinary! She calls it a "stacked bijou challenge" and you can get the details here on the DivaCZT's blog.

I didn't like the idea of the increasing low relief of using layers of mat board so I layered paper, in some cases nesting one paper into the next one.

I used seven layers of papers, and I might even add another. Still thinking about that, but I wanted to post what I'd done before Saturday!
These are the layers, beginning with the Bijou (twinchie) in the center:
1. Bijou tile, white
Blue and pink wash; blue and white ink; blue and pink colored pencils
2. Standard tile, Renaissance (tan)
Blue wash; blue, turquoise, brown, sepia inks; brown, blue, white colored pencils
3.  Zendala tile, white, almost finished but disliked
I cut four rounded edges and added a lot of pink/orange color, then stuck the four pieces to the edges of the Renaissance tile.
4. Hand-marbelled paper
(on dark brown paper)
No, I didn't do the marbelling; I bought a few sheets from another artist a few years ago.
I used a brown pen to draw Auras in the shapes of the marbelling.
5. Canson drawing paper
(in a stunning gorgeous blue!)
It had a few black lines on it and I worked them into the design.
I also used a little metalic blue ink, gray ink, and white pencil.
6. Patterned scrapbooking paper
Off-white with an ochre colored design. I added a wobbly brown line all around.
7. Stonehenge drawing paper, 'Kraft' brown
Brown and sepia inks; brown, pink, white colored pencils; a touch of white ink.

The blue wash on the Renaissance tile was my least favorite while I was working on it, but now I think it's my preferred section. Just for interest's sake, here's a detail of one corner.