Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MB duotangles

Another duotangle challenge! I quite like these, and this time we are to choose which tangles to use based on our initials. I thought I should use some of my own tangles too, so I used:
M - Morse
B - Boss
That was fun! I was taken with the idea and did another one, this one using:
M - Meer
B - Blake (scroll down)
Unfortunately it looked like a jumble of non-descript shapes, even when I make the background really gray. So I added a bit of color to define the Meer strips. It's a lot better. Both are on white tiles.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Twinchie gems

If you're unfamiliar with "twinchies" they're artwork on paper that's a mere two inches square. There are also "inchies" (I think the original thing) which are, yes, one inch square.

I have probably worked this small, but I can't remember when. One person commented about the size of these: "They're so stinking cute!" Well, yes indeed they are. And it's fun to work so very small. But honestly, I have a hard time taking them seriously! Maybe that's a good thing. Here are two I did on Tiepolo, the paper Zentangle tiles are made from.
A little while ago I received a sample of some twinchies of lovely smooth watercolor paper, beautifully hand-colored by Sue Jacobs, a CZT in Illinois USA. I was on a roll so I tangled them too. I used blue ink on the square one and fuchsia (deep pink) ink on the yellow/orange one.
Sue sells her hand-colored paper. It's available in zentangle tile size (3.5" square), 'zendala' size (almost 4.5" diameter), and ATC size (3.5"x2.5"). If you'd like to see some samples and perhaps buy some and try it, go HERE. Aren't they inspiring?! She might start making twinchies too, if there's enough demand.

Yep, they're pretty darned cute.
Zentangle(R) is about to come out with some twinchie jewels of its own. 
Keep your eyes peeled!
Photo from http://www.snail-world.com

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Two things came together recently and left me with a lovely peacock drawing.

First, Ben Kwok, on his Ornation Creation Facebook page, posted a line drawing of a peacock.
Second, clearing out some art drawers I discovered this very old watercolor and thought I should do something else with it (upcycle!)
I used the right side and traced the peacock template placing the eye in the white area. First I added some more color wash to zing it up. Here's the whole piece - and a detail - in the early stages.
Tangles thus far: Black Pearlz, Flying Geese, Opus with Aura, Tipple

I finished the tangling, added shading and some tiny gems for sparkle. It was pretty much finished when it caught my eye from across the room. There were things I didn't like. Mainly, it was too mid-tone, not enough good darks. I felt that either the tail or the oval shouldn't be there - but impossible to remove one of them! - so I needed to try to make them work together better.

Here's the final version, and a detail shot showing some of the bling in the blue background. I'm still not really satisfied with it. I don't seem to be able to get it as dark as I'd like in some places, and the oval and the tail are there to stay. You can tell from the detail shots that the color in the scans is inexact.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Finery, Flying Geese, Jonqal, Khirkee, Opus, Sunflower (AM), Tipple,
and one I invented because I needed a pattern for the tail!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prestwood variation

Some time ago I deconstructed the pattern on the back of one of my mother's antique chairs. You can see the story and the tangle Prestwood here.

Recently, out of necessity, I happened upon a lovely variation of this tangle. I had made the rolling zigzag too wide and the filler loop didn't fill, so I added another. You can see it in both the tiles I did for Zentangle's Zenth (10th!) anniversary here. I really liked the effect and wanted to explore it more. Black Pearlz seemed to work nicely in some of the larger areas.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Knase, Paradox, Prestwood variation
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Prestwood variation
It's quite simple. Here's how to do this variation:
Generally I find I have space to add two inner 'rolls', but if your rolling zigzag is very wide you might need three.

The string on both these tiles is something called a "blind string" or "shut-eye string" - simply do the string with your eyes closed! It often yields some nice wobbly lines and really interesting shapes. Try it sometime!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 17 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Zentangle! That's the day when, in 2004, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas taught their first public Zentangle class in Providence RI, USA. So, on this Planet Zentangle Day I have a few little things to share in honor of the occasion.
First, two tiles with ten for a string. In black and white is the digits '10' - the string designed by Adèle Bruno for her It's a String Thing challenge. The string on the tan Renaissance tile is the written word 'ten'.
Tangles: Aura, Black Pearlz, Crescent Moon, Knase,
Knightsbridge, Prestwood, Tripoli
Tangles: Beadlines, Black Pearlz, Paradox, Pearlz, Prestwood
If you haven't yet read my post about the ten tangled houses commission I did a while ago, you can see it here.

I wanted to try a tangle technique I just read about: Maryhill. I got out a pre-strung zendala tile with ten wedges and used the sections to do Maryhill. I wanted to try it using different sizes of pen nib, so I used 01, 03, 05, and 08. Shading certainly helps show off the tangle faces.

Infinite gratitude to Rick and Maria.
In my book, Zentangle scores a "10!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Crux is a tangle from Henrike Bratz and it's our challenge this week from the Diva. I'm helping with décor and registration and billeting for a youth conference this weekend and wasn't sure I'd even have time to do this challenge. I'm glad I did because I actually like this tangle more than I thought I would!

I did a tan tile using Crux three times. Shading, of course, lifts the rounded crux shapes off the squared crux shapes, but I found that if I filled in the 'kite' shapes, that helped too. I did this string with a very loosely-held pencil, thus all the wobbles.
Tangles: Black Pearlz, Coaster, Crux, Prestwood, Tipple
That tile gave me an idea for something else to try with Crux, but I wanted to start larger, so I did a black and white tile. Crux is one of those lovely tangles where you see through one layer to another below. My idea was to increase that see-through aspect and you can see the result in the lower right. For some reason this also seems to increase the prominence of the larger circles in the pattern.
Tangles: Beadlines, Crux, Romanancy, stripes
Thanks Laura and Henrike. I think I'll be using Crux again!
Now, off to a Registration meeting!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Color on tan tiles

 (c) 2014 Margaret Bremner
Tangles: a Black Pearl, Flukes, Printemps, Seljuk

(c) 2014 Margaret Bremner
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Diva Dance, Flux,
Palrevo, Printemps, Tagh, Tipple