Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Fairy Lane properties, Nos. 1-5

Oh suburbia, with your rows of square boxes and hard, straight sidewalks, all beige and brown and grey. I look at one of your houses and immediately know which window is the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms.

Wouldn't it be so much more delightful and pleasant to live on Fairy Lane, perhaps at one of these addresses...

No. 1 Fairy Lane
Tangles: 'Nzeppel, Pearlz, Pixioze, Printemps, and Auras 

No. 2 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Arukas, Black Pearlz, Flux, Hurly Burly, Opus and Auras 
No. 3 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Beadlines, Pearlz, Tagh

No. 4 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Printemps, Romanancy, Sanibelle

No. 5 Fairy Lane
Tangles: Black Pearlz, HurlyBurly, Opus, Snaylz
I wonder how long the street is?


  1. Margaret what are they colored with? they look so soft and warm

    1. Melody, they're on eco-dyed paper, drawn on with pen-and-ink and colored pencil.

  2. As long as your imagination. That would be a l-o-n-g way.

  3. How delightful! When I look at my eco-dyed paper I think of fairies😍

  4. Oh my goodness! They are so cute! I love them! What a wonderful idea!

  5. Oh Margaret, these are divine. Can I please live at Number 4? Just love the way that pretty little house is nestled safely under the tree. I have often imagined fairies living in trees, behind the knot holes and in the various nooks and crannies, but never any residences as up-market as these. Just love them all.

  6. So delightful. I hope it's a long street with many more such houses. I can imagine all the stories of all of the weird and wonderful types that live within them. These would make perfect illustrations for a children's book - you've got a best seller on your hands there!

  7. I want to live at #2 Fairy Lane please. Can we pick our neighbors? You would definitely be one of them. Fairies rule!

  8. Is there a vacancy ?

  9. They remind me of Hundertwasser's wonderful (and colourful) houses.

  10. Oh Margaret! I so want to live there!! Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for the treat!

  11. I love these! I see a story evolving in this neighborhood. It would make such a pretty book!